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Welcome to the show - welcome to Artifier!

Artifier is a German Kicksoul-Rock band from Hamburg, formed in 2013 by Scit Certus. Artifier attaches innovative and extensive music with plausible melodies that creates a connection between progressive elements and intimate accessibility. At concerts the band offers an extroverted and interactive show, filled with a lot of dynamic and emotional concreteness. The peculiarity of Artifier is the accessibility to everyone and a high freeness of interpretation for lateral thinker, as well as an emotional musical adventure. Artifier is analogue and digital at the same time, just like the world you live in - just like Kicksoul is.

Artifier are:
Scit CertusVocals, Guitar, Synth
TashaarBass, Backing Vocals
MkII ("our finest sound machine")everything else

Scit Certus

"Already in younger years Scit was blessed with a musical gift which he was determined to expand in his early years of singing and guitar playing. In the early 90's his passion inspired him to start his first band. After several years of silence on the grounds of music he started where he left off. This time his path led him to numerous different musical projects. Today he enjoys roaming all kinds of genres and is always searching for new ways to excite."

Date of birth:July 4, 1977
Place of birth:Hamburg, Germany
Occupations:Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist, Arranger, Composer, Producer
Instruments:Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Drums, Percussion, Harmonica
Genres:Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, New wave, Folk, Electro, Disco, Dance
Years active:1990 - present
Facts:- does not know to play rap music
- would like to produce 50 albums before he retires
- began performing at age 12
- likes travelling
- ...and, indeed, caravans
Motto:Live & Let Live


"Tashaar was passionate for music since he was 6 years old. 2 years of playing the flute brought him the touch for melodic and rhythmic. As he moved from france to Germany he gave up the flute, to fill the bass guitar in. Several years of school music and school gigs gave him the scene hunger. After the break of the beloved school band he paused playing for 6 years. A curse first - but gift later, because the moment came when he met Scit And from this moment, everything is moving forward. He also performed his voice by playing a live roleplaying as a bard in a accapela group."

Date of birth:March 31, 1986
Place of birth:Colombes, France
Occupations:Musician, Vocalist
Instruments:Bass (e/accoustic), Vocals, Flute, Ocarina
Genres:Rock, Electro, Indie, Medieval, Electro-Rock
Years active:1992 - 2007, 2011 - present
Facts:- does not assume techno or schlager
- lives for the music
- prefers nature then towns
- loves good meals
- ...and, loves wild turkey honey burbon
Motto:You have the watches, but I got the time


Join us at our shows!

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